Hi there!

I wonder if anyone still remembers me, it's so lonely here :D
I had a major resting to do with my hand, but I started to draw again a few months ago c:
I might post a few drawings later ouo
Just to make my LJ a bit more active again c:

Stuff ~ouo~

Hi c:

Anime update:
21/24 Sword Art Online II
Big sigh, I knew they can't keep it awesome. Yeah drama is good, but sometimes it's just too much. 3 eps to go =u=

Winter anime:
Downloaded Kamisama Kiss 2 Ep 1 so far, didn't watch it yet though c:

Drawing. I'm good so far, 4/4 done. Today's might get cancelled though, I have a nasty headache :/
Though I'll still try C:

Kikyou from Katekyou Hitman Reborn! ; Kuroo Tetsurou from Haikyuu! ; Some monsters and bosses from The Binding of Isaac

Dear God, I missed Kikyou so much D:

Hi ouo

Hello world :D

Long time no posting from me.
I'll try to get more active, we'll see how that'll go :D
(I also wonder if anyone still follows me on here :D)

Let's start with my current anime list ouo
I don't read the mangas, though I know that most of them have manga versions. (No spoilers please :D)

12/26 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal (For old time's sake)
12/24 Bonjour♪Koiaji Pâtisserie (Just for "fun", but I find it really horrible XD)
12/24 Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu / Parasyte - the maxim - (I like it more than I thought I would :O)
10/22 Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (I can feel that it won't end well ;u; )
14/24 Sword Art Online II (Need to catch up; it's weird how I like this more than the 1st series :O I like fantasy and don't like shooting, but... this season is way better until now :D)
12/24 Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road (Bicycle hell :D)

I'll make a plan to watch list for the Winter animes soon too C:

For drawing, uh. I made like 16 drawings in 2014?
So I need to get back to it ouo

So far I did a weird little sketch for two of my OCs, Kevin and Mark ouo I need to re-learn anatomy ^u^;

I also did two weird sketches for Tsukishima Kei from Haikyuu!! (I love that guy <3)

Aaaaand also working on a lineart for a commission from 2014 September or so? My hand was hurt, so I couldn't really work on it :/
I'll post WIP for that too as I go ouo

Help QAQ

I need to find and hear the Hana no Drama CDs *A*
I mean 'Hana no Mizo Shiru' and 'Hana no Miyako de' *^*
They are my favourite mangas~ Along with 'Seven Days' ^u^
Times like this I wish I would live in Japan, so I can buy them ;U;
Then only reason I'm not ordering them online: The shipping would cost more than the CDs.
That's such a nonsense :(

Hi world!

Long time no write, again.
It's like I post once a year XD

I'm fine, I have a nice BF, I have a job =u=
Not too much time for drawing anymore :/

Though right now I'm working on a Free! fanart ^^
Whoever wants to see a WIP shall ask, and I'll post some :D

Anime I watch this season:
Hakkenden 2
Makai Ouji

Anime I watched recently and liked:
Devil Survivor 2 <- I just LOVED it. About the ending... I liked and disliked it at the same time ^^
UtaPri 2 <- The songs are love, but there was too much sparkling @u@

Back again?

Whoot, my last post happened to be a year and a day ago :D

I really have no idea what to post here, noone is really watching it anymore anyway XD
I could probably post about ideas and OCs, or drawings. Or anime I'm watching. Hm, I'll see.

If someone is reading this, please tell me :D
Kikyou young

I'm alive yes...


I won't even question Bluebell's age and stuff, who cares, when KIKYOU IS BACK EVEN SEXIER THAN EVER *U*

You guys can't imagine my reaction to when I saw the page XD

Collapse )


Woah, no post this year...? Uhhh....

My last entry was POTC4 Trailer XD;

I saw the movie yesterday, in 3D <3
It was awesome *^*

Hmm... Trivi's new looks:

Last post about him was around Halloween >A>
Well... he got enganged, there were a few things happening.... and then his fiance' committed suiscide =u=; He died in Trivi's arms... That was around end of January...
Then he met his childhood friend, Lavender again, and now Trivi keeps clinging to him, knowing how happy they were back then, before Lav got lost...

So yeah, now he's kinda getting ok c:

Other things. I mean drawings~
Heroes of Taerilis (HOT) related... my wanna-be-manga thingy >u>
I would like to introduce Zlyden and Furball =u= More info if you click the pics ouo

Aaaand a character map :'D